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Parents Make Great Impact on child

We all are in race for making our child best.And making him/her best we forget their best things and set a criteria by society and ourselves about what is BEST ? Our little efforts can make difference as We need to improve their
Logical Thinking ……..So that they can come up with the reason
Abstract Thinking …… that they can think about ideas object
Analytical skills……… so that to make them a better problem solver

How can we make them learn
Play brain games
• Learn one new thing every day
• Read with them
• Singing
• Give new tasks
• Expose children to various viewpoint

You can empower yourself for the triumphs of tomorrow, but only if you identify which door you need to walk through, then take the steps necessary to open it. Each and every one of us is capable of great and wondrous things .Parents can play a very vital role to help children enhance their skills. Parents are a child’s first role models and she / he loves to engage in activities with them.

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