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Literary Accomplishments

Destined to be an educator, Dr. Nidhi Khurana is known for their natural ability to explain abstract concepts in engaging, interesting and thought-provoking ways. Their compassionate approach sparks curiosity and connects with people at all skill levels, whether it’s within their published works and or the courses they teach.

Dr.  Nidhi  Khurana grew up in an environment full of literature and culture, which had a profound impact as they grew from a young intellectual to an accomplished professional academic. Through their higher education courses and published work, She is known for connecting people to information in engaging, interesting and thought-provoking ways. 

Published Papers in Journals/Conferences

  • “Text Compression Using Huffman Entropy”,  

PP-31-33, International Journal of Information Technology and Management Research, 2010, ISSN-0975-2099, Peer reviewed

  • “Improving the Efficiency of Apriori Algorithm”

ACME Journal of Management & IT Vol 8, 2010, 0974-1763, Peer reviewed

  • “Green IT: Energy Saving Using Peltier”

International Journal -International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management, 2013, 0976 – 2183, Peer reviewedIndexed& Listed at: Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory ©, ProQuest, U.S.A.,EBSCO Publishing, U.S.A.,Cabell’s Directories of Publishing Opportunities.


International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering © 2013, 2277 128X, Peer reviewed Impact Factor: 2.080.

  • Pruning Large Data Sets for Finding Association rule in cloud: CBPA (Count Based Pruning Algorithm )

Website link ::, International Journal of Software and Web Sciences (IJSWS), 2013, ISSN(Print): 2279-0063 ISSN(Online): 2279-0071, Peer reviewed Impact Factor Count Value 1.034

  • “Cloud Computing: Designing Different System Architecture Depending On Real-World Examples “

(IJCSIT) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol. 5 (4) , 2014, 5025-5029, 2014, Impact Factor:2.93.

Articles Published

“By 2010, will technology have terminated most IT jobs?”, 2004, Article published in

Proceedings of  National Seminar on “Management and Technology Vision 2010”” (Role and Challenges of Management in Global Competitive Scenario) on April 4-5th ,2004

  • “Knowledge Management – A strategic tool for Reinventing Management for achieving Excellence in Organization

2004, Article published in Souvenir of Corporate Meet 2004 -“Parichay-2004” on Sunday the 17th    October, 2004 at Heritage Village, Sita Resorts, Manesar organized by ABSM

  • VIRTUAL MANAGEMENT-A Road Ahead For Making Better Tomorrow”

2005, Proceedings of  National Seminar on “Changing Paradigm in Management for a Better Tomorrow”,

  • Cutting Edge Competition using Business Intelligence in Data warehouse

2008, Article published in Proceedings of  National Seminar on “Building and sustaining competitiveness in the global Era: Opportunities and      challenges for Indian corporates” on March 19- 20 Oct 2008

  • TQM Strategies for Managing Business in Changing Scenario

2009, 6thNational Seminar on “Managing Business in Present Scenario: Lessons from Past, Strategies for Future”, on November 15-16, 2009,

  • Market Basket Analysis to analyze Data for Business User

2010, National Conference on INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IN,KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY on Saturday 20th March 2010 at University School of Management Studies GGS Indraprastha University, Delhi,

  • Requirements Engineering for Data Warehousing

2009, National Seminar at  Dronacharya College of Engineering,  Gurgaon- ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE NSAI

  • Extracting and Predicting information from data using datamining tool –SPSS

2009, Extended Abstract published  in India com 2009 at Bharti vidyapeeth


2009, National Seminar at RDIAS  Delhi


2012, National Conference on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing organized by School of Management Studies GGS IP University Delhi jointly with Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) Delhi Centre and Computer Society of India; technical Partners: IEEE Computer Society (Delhi Section)

  • “Vision on Different Architecture of DAAS (database as a service) in Cloud Computing“

2013, National Conference on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing organized by School of Management Studies GGS IP University Delhi jointly with Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) Delhi Centre and Computer Society of India; technical Partners: IEEE Computer Society (Delhi Section)

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